Construction continues at Pendry Residences West Hollywood, and the progress over the past few weeks has been remarkable. I am pleased to share some of the latest updates and photos.

With exterior scaffolding now removed, the Hotel’s façade has been revealed and the team is working on numerous finishing touches. Interior finishes are also well underway: the marble flooring of the lobby has been installed, as well as the intricate millwork at the Club’s bar, and the bowling alley lanes are now operational.

Hotel exterior façade on Sunset

Last week, our Digital Billboards were switched on for the first time to conduct testing. I took a short video to share this dynamic new feature on the Sunset Strip with you.

Hotel LED billboard

And we’re delighted to see the interiors of the Residences begin to take shape. Framing is in place on all floors, and interior finishing is well underway. In some Residences, wood floors and stonework have been installed, and millwork is nearing completion. Enclosure work on the upper levels continues. Scaffolding on the west façade of the building is scheduled to be removed in the next few weeks, which is a key milestone and will provide the first glimpse at the building's street-facing exterior.  

Pendry Residences north elevation & Terrace Residences on Fountain

We are thrilled by the progress and look forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming weeks.