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Latest insights into Calabasas' real estate market.

Fires and Your Mortgage

In this article, we explore how homeowners insurance works and what happens in the event of a house fire.

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Property Tax Relief

County Officials Facilitate Property Tax Relief for Homeowners Affected by Wildfires

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Recovering Emotionally After a Fire

Residential fires can lead to significant emotional distress in addition to possible physical injuries. Losing your home in a fire involves not only the loss of your residence, but also many other things of value.

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California Voters Reject Proposition 10

California voters on Tuesday rejected a controversial ballot measure that would have expanded local government authority to enact rent-control laws on residential property.

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23500 Long Valley Road, Thursday, November 1st from 4pm -7pm

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What should your Halloween Costume be?

Based on your zodiac sign, what should your Halloween costume be?

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In LA, share of homes with price reductions hits a seven-year high

Is this a sign that the market is shifting toward buyers?

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Thanksgiving is coming & you know what that means…

Pecan Tart

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Tricks and Treats for Hidden Hills and Calabasas Gate Access

For the uninitiated, Halloween in Calabasas and Hidden Hills is something of a big deal.

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